Acorn Atom tapes and diskimages

Atom disk images (1.4MB).

This is a zipfile with about 50 diskimages, a few are incomplete (smaller than 102400 bytes) as I couldn't read them in properly, will try again later. The disks are the same format as Acorn BBC single density disks, 40 tracks, 10 sectors per track, 256 bytes per sector.

These images contain a basic compiler, loads of games, chess, draughts, Pilot, RTTY programs, database, the intro package, basicode, toolbox ROMs, graphics programs, music, the utilities disc with FORMAT, etc.

Atom tape files (700k).

In the same sort of format as the old BBC micro 'archive format' I introduced in 1996. This time, filenames are 8 bit bytes, with a name length (see the inf files). I didn't make tape images as I wasn't ready with that for the Atom (I think!) at the time I read them in. Also, although I had a version of bbctape (based on the newer fourier version) that read and wrote atom tapes, I will not release that and will remove all Atom support from bbctape. If you want to use the files, you'll have to find another way...