Zie ook het artikel hierover op de site van de The Acorn Microcomputer kit waar System One wordt beschreven en een emulator hiervoor aanwezig is met een handleiding.

The 6502 processor Eurocard (100 x 160 mm) has crystal control 1K bytes of RAM and 512 bytes PROM containing a system monitor. A second Eurocard is mounted above it using pillars the two are connected by ribbon cable. The top card has a click action 25 key hexadecimal keyboard and an eight digit seven-segment LED display. The system monitor contained in two fusible link PROMS(74S571) is very easy to use and provides the following facilities using one of the 8154 devices as a keyboard interface and display driver. RESET, MEM0RY ALTER AND EXAMINE, GO RESTORE, allows continuation in original evironment of program after break BREAK POINT INSERT/REM0VE allows setting and cancellation of break point anywhere. SAVE 10 TAPE - transfers memory ccntents between given locations on the tape. LOAD TO TAPE - loads data into locations specified by the first two bytes on tape. The monitor also includes a character font for seven segment representation of the complete ASCII. character set. The system 1 is prcvided with a users manual which includes an introduction to binary numbers, descriptions of the 6502 internal architecture and Acorn hardware, a listing and explanation of the instruction set and monitor progran a step by step intrduction to machine code programming complimented by 16 original applications programs.

335 Acorn system 1 users manual 5.00
1100 Acorn system 1 including manual) 79.00
1105 System 1 RAM i/o CHIP 81549.00
1110 System 1 mains adaptor 7.00